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MBSS Galaxies 6.0 -- New (January 30, 2011)
Standard Rings Spirals Fountains
Galaxy:  Standard Galaxy:  Nebula Galaxy:  Quasar Galaxy:  Quasar
Dish Splines Radials Arcs
Galaxy:  Star Waves Galaxy:  Atomic Shells Galaxy:  Nested Rings Galaxy:  Nested Rings
Vectors Lattice Cube Orbs
Galaxy:  Star Waves Galaxy:  Atomic Shells Galaxy:  Nested Rings Galaxy:  Nested Rings


MBSS Galaxies offers the ultimate blending of mathematics, color and motion. Define up to 50 Galaxy Types then construct Composite Galaxies based on the base types. Galaxies consist of stars, comets, novas and pulsars. Set the trajectory properties of the camera as it tours the Universe populated by Galaxies and Ambient Stars. The math employed in this product includes: Iterated Function Systems (IFS), fractals, gravitational oscillators, damped waves, atomic structures, nested splines and more. Field-level Online Help is included as well as a nice variety of default settings. If you have questions regarding the product, please refer to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). This product is being offered as Shareware. See the Registration window from the product's Properties Window for details.


  • Version 6.0:
    • Works on Windows 7.
    • Added Multimonitor support.
    • Hibernation Mode now supported.
  • Version 5.1:
    • Added ability to capture Image (preview or full screen) to Windows Clipboard.
    • Direct link to PayPal from Registration dialog to simplify the payment process.
  • Version 5.0g:
    • Increased the maximum number of stars from 30,000 to 99,999.
    • Performance improvements with respect to the math code.
    • Minor Galaxy Type property enhancements.
  • Version 5.0e:
    • Increased Max. number of Ambient Stars from 3,000 to 9,999.
    • Reset star blending to 0 for Universe and all Galaxy Types.
    • Various Galaxy Themes have been updated to use Vector Comets.
    • Define On-Screen Countdown messages for presentations.
  • Version 5.0c: Performance Improvements:
    • Major improvement when running in True Color 32-bits per pixel.
    • Minor improvement in High Color (16 bpp) and True Color (24 bpp).
  • Version 5.0c: Effects are properly displayed at non-default (640*480) resolutions.
  • Version 5.0: Performance Improvements:
    • Tuned the C API Blending Function.
    • Use the DirectX Flip method instead of the BltFast.
    • Performance improvements are best seen on slower hardware.
  • Define Blending Effects
  • Field-level online help for all properties
  • Save Templates to share with other users

User Feedback:

  • They are much more than mathematically beautiful...they are downright hypnotic!
  • I love this screen saver, any future updates I would surely like to know.
  • Just wanted to tell you how much the family and I are enjoying the Prog. I have found the controls a challenge, and enjoy the effects very much. Are there any forums yet to discuss and trade templates? I eagerly await your next version.
  • I just wanted to send a huge thank you for the gift of your Galaxies screen saver. I too have tried many screen savers, and you have indeed raised the bar.
  • I would like to thank you for creating this screensaver. Keep up the good work, it's beautiful.
  • Without question, you have created the most impressive screen saver that I have ever seen.
  • Enclosed find $30 for three copies. Your saver makes a great gift.
  • I want you to know that I decided to go back to school and finish my degree after having seen your work. It is truly a piece of art and shows that math is beautiful.
  • I would like to broadcast your screen saver from our TV station. It is amazing.

The Install file for MBSS Galaxies includes these parts:

  • MBSS Galaxies Screen Saver file
  • MBSS Galaxies Read Me Text file
  • MBSS MBSSM6.DLL (math engine)
  • MBSS Online Help file
After downloading the Install file to a Windows folder, simply double-click on the file to start the Installation. The final step of the installation will allow you to set MBSS Galaxies as your Windows Screen Saver. If the product does not run, then you may be missing a DLL. Click here for instructions on retrieving the DLLs. Refer to the FAQ if you encounter other issues.

Download File Download: MBSS Galaxies (mbss_galaxies_setup.exe ~ 800 KB)

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