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MBSS Galaxies 4.1a -- New (January 21, 2001)


This product displays user-defined Galaxies in a simulated Universe. Describe the camera tracking properties, Ambient Stars, Novas, Comets and more. The 3D perspective provides for an effective deep-space visual experience. Universe and Galaxy themes are also available. Define Composite Galaxies from base Galaxy types plus set intergalactic-gravity and hue transition effects. Field-level Online Help is included as well as a nice variety of default settings. If you have questions regarding the product, please refer to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Note that Version 4.1 is offered as Shareware. See the Registration window from the product's Properties Window for details.

If you enjoy the Galaxies product, you are certain to be delighted with the new MBSS products that utilize DirectX graphics techniques. See the MBSS Main page for information on Fireworks, Gravity Wells and Starfields.

New Features for Version 4.1a:

  • Define Pulsar Star Types
  • Set Randomization options from Advanced Settings
  • Run with Effects in Background per Advanced Settings
  • Display System Diagnostics dialog for Trouble-shooting
  • Experience Easier Registration via a button on the Main Window
  • Save Templates as ASCII Files to bypass the 64K INI file limit
  • Registry Save-Restore Section changes: Use HKEY_CURRENT_USER instead of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. This allows settings to be saved by User instead of by Machine. As such, multiple users of the same machine can define their own settings.

Features in Version 4.0:

  • Works on Windows 2000 (and Win95/98/NT4)
  • Nested Galaxy Levels
  • Galaxy Style: User Defined Iterated Function Systems
  • Galaxy Style: User Defined Molecular Structures
  • Galaxy Comet Hue Wheel Increment
  • Galaxy Hue Wheel Cycling
  • New Star brightness decay for realistic effects
  • Windows can be resized for improved Galaxy Preview
  • Galaxy Types: Increased from 32 to 50

Features in Version 3.0:

  • Galaxy Styles: Eight different galaxy styles are available, including:
    • Standard: Stellar Rotation about Galactic Axis
    • Single Point Attractor
    • Nested Geometric Wireframe
    • Space Filling Fractal
    • Nebula: Particle Ribbons
    • Quasar: Stars emitted from Galaxy Core
    • Graviton: Stars pulled into Galaxy Core
    • Starwave: Attenuated Particle Waves
  • Set Radial Arms and Bands
  • Larger Preview Window
  • Performance Improvements
  • Ability to disable Mouse-move during Effects

Other Features:

  • Universe: Burst configuration, symmetry, damping, ambient stars
  • Galaxies: Radius, rotational speed, diameter, height, hue, tilt angle
  • Comets: Rotation speed, solar wind, density, hue transition effects
  • Novas: Population, persistence, magnitude, hue transition effects
  • Set the intergalactic gravity
  • Describe Galaxy Tour characteristic
  • Create Composite Galaxy types
  • Display effects to Saver Preview Window
  • Password protection on Windows 95/98/NT
  • Save property Templates to share with other users

User Feedback on Versions 1.0 through 4.1:

  • Thanks for such an interesting screen saver. Galaxies 4.1 is truly magnificent.
  • Congratulations on your new version of Galaxies and thank you for making all our lives a little more meaningful and worthwhile.
  • It is truly a work of art and very much appreciated by friends and myself who have seen it.
  • The shareware had a set price of $10. I'm sending $20; I think it's worth it.
  • Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for Galaxies! It is by far the most superior program/screen saver I have seen. It's simply fantastic.
  • I think your galaxies screen saver is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! Had the lights off and windows closed, of course. Got my friend and I talking about black holes and white dwarfs and pulsars. I believe you've simulated spaceflight even better than the real thing! I'm going to send this to all my friends. They've just got to see this. It's a real gem! It's more than just a screen saver. It would be great if they could have something like this in all the Star Trek space flight scenes!
  • WOW! Do I need to say anything more? I will anyway! I love it! Please, if you can, let me know if you come out with anymore upgrades. Galaxies is an awesome program! If I can find the space on my server I will place it there, if not, I'm going to put a link to one of the download sites most quickly!
  • Just had to send you a note, to let know how fantastic Galaxies is. Was so thrilled with this progam that when you talked about Special Effects 2, I downloaded that too. You mentioned being above the herd, don't worry, nobody is even close. I've been looking for this type of program for a long time and feel quite lucky to find this quality for free. It's absolutely astounding. Thank you, Thank you. Your work is amazing.
  • Please let me know when the updated version of galaxies is out as I would like to have it. It is a great screen saver.
  • Thank you so much for your beautiful program, Galaxies. After installing it, my children and I did indeed turn out the lights and marvel. I can't pretend to really understand the technical wizardry that makes Galaxies possible, but know enough to be extremely impressed. You have created an exquisite work of art, and it was very kind of you to offer it as freeware. I have just now downloaded Special Effects 2.0, and I am sure that it is also wonderful. I just wanted to write you this note to thank you for the gifts.
  • First of all, you definately make the best free screensavers on the web. Thank you. Also, have you released Galaxy 2.0 yet? If so, where can I get it, and where can I check to see if you have updated Special Effects? Thanks, and keep up the good work.
  • I have had a lot of people comment about Galaxies 1.0 when they see it running on the test machine in my office. I am very impressed by the quality and detail of this program.
  • I'm an avid galaxy enthusiast wondering when the next version will arrive in our universe. Kindly inform me about when and where to find it!
  • I love the screensaver and was wondering if a new version was due out soon?
  • I love this screen saver, any future updates I would surely like to know!
  • I enjoyed the Galaxies 10 immensely and find that you have a creative mind and I enjoy your creativity. With your program you give the user the chance to explore their own creativity! Thank you so much as this screen saver gives me hours of enjoyment playing with it.
  • I have just installed Galaxies on my desktop and I think it is fantastic. I am a cosmology and astronomy buff so I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how much I appreciate your effort in turning out such a fine product. Congratulations.
  • Won't take too much of your time, just wanted to tell you how much the family and I are enjoying the Prog. I have found the controls a challenge, and enjoy the effects very much. Are there any forums yet to discuss and trade templates? I eagerly await your next version, Hey! You really should charge something for this, I know it would sell! Thanks again.
  • I haven't tinkered with many of the settings yet, but I already like Galaxies 1.0 a lot. I think I could watch it for quite a while. As soon as I can use a password on it, I can keep it as my number one screen saver at work.
  • I love it. You're right it is one of the best screensavers I've seen (and what a refreshing change from the 'screen burners' like Microsoft's haunted house!) Looking forward to Galaxies 2.0!
  • (From answering machine) This is the most amazing thing that I've ever seen.

The ZIP file for Galaxies 4.1a includes these parts:

  • Galaxies 41a Screen Saver file
  • Galaxy41 Help file
  • Galaxy41a Read Me Text file
After downloading the ZIP file, extract its contents using WinZip or any other popular ZIP file extraction utility. Place the files into your Windows directory. You may then set your Screen Saver to use Galaxies 41a from the Screen Saver tab of the Windows Properties dialog. If Galaxies does not run, then you may be missing a DLL. Click here for instructions on retrieving the DLLs. Refer to the FAQ if you encounter other issues.

Download File Download: Galaxies 4.1a ( ~ 350 KB)

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